ECTS credits: 4


Appreciate the importance of sensor systems, and their evolution, to advances in aviation. Acquire a fundamental understanding of a range of common sensors and their associated conditioning circuitry.

Ability to propose a sensor system design capable of meeting the demands/constraints of a given situation.

Ability to predict, measure and analyze the performances of various sensor systems.



- Introduction to sensors: History and future of sensor systems in Aviation; from Sensors to Smart Sensors, to Sensor Networks to the Internet of Things.

- Key sensor characteristics, sources of artifacts, etc.

- Sensor Circuits: Key transduction mechanisms and the associated signal conditioning required. Impedance bridges; impedance loading; Filters; Amplifiers; etc.

- Measurement Equipment and Power Sources

- Temperature Sensing

- Proximity, Distance, Velocity Sensing

- Acceleration, Force, Pressure Sensing

- A range of other sensing applications

- A range of other sensing applications