ECTS credits: 4


Acquire solid knowledge of various modes of heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation) and on heat exchangers. Ability to reason on one-dimensional problems and to be able to solve them by using an electrical analogy: thermal networks method.



- Conduction: Fourier’s law, general three-dimensional heat conduction equation for steady state and unsteady conditions, concepts of thermal resistance.

- Convection: Newton’s law, dimensionless numbers, empirical and practical relationships for free and forced convection problems.

- Radiation: properties used to quantify thermal radiation (black body and gray body), Stefan-Boltzmann’s law, radiation-network method to quantify the heat flow.

- Application to insulation problems and to conduction-convection systems (studies of fins).

- Heat exchangers: types of heat exchangers and calculation methods (log mean temperature difference, effectiveness and NTU method of analysis)