FAQ Application

-Do I need to register with Campus France to enrol on the IBMMAE?

If you need a study visa for France, you will have to register with Campus France but this can be done after you have been given a place on the programme.

-When will I know if I have a place on the programme?

Applicants who apply before April and who already have their high school leaving diploma or equivalent may have their applications examined by the admissions jury in late April. All other candidates will have their applications examined by the admissions jury in late June. Candidates will be notified of the results by e-mail within 72 hours.

-Is it possible to gain entry directly into years 2 and 3 of the programme?

Entry is exceptionally possible directly into year 2 of the programme on condition that a student has covered the same course material taught in year one of the IBMMAE and has validated 60 ECTS credits. It is not possible to enter the programme in year 3.

-As a student with a French Baccalaureate, do I apply via ParcourSup?

No, given the limited number of places (40 per year), French applicants do not apply via the national portal ParcourSup but via a direct application using the standard application form on the website.

-What is the application procedure?

Applicants should complete the application form and send it by e-mail with the other documents listed on the form to the following addresses before the deadline: ibeng@insa-lyon.fr copy to: ibmmae@insa-lyon.fr

Applicants will be informed by e-mail once their completed application has been received.