ECTS credits: 4


Acquire the basic concepts in Fluid Mechanics and the vocabulary related to various kinds of fluids and flows. Apply the basic equations in Fluid Mechanics to a control volume of incompressible non-viscous fluid, in order to design simple industrial systems related to Fluid Statics or inviscid and steady-state flows. Ability to understand the knowledge of flow measurement.


  • Scope of industrial Fluid Mechanics. Presentation of several kinds of fluids and flows. Kinematics concepts.
  • Presentation of hydrostatic equations and required assumptions. Industrial implementations of these equations.
  • Mass and momentum equations for a control volume. Industrial implementations of these governing equations to simple flows (steady-state flow of incompressible and non-viscous fluid). Euler and Bernoulli Equations and their application conditions.
  • Dimensionless analysis. Reynolds number, Laminar Flow and Turbulent Flow.
  • Energy losses due to friction, the Moody Chart and Darcy friction factor.