Student Life

Campus life

INSA students have access to a vibrant campus life with the possibility to join many clubs and societies.

INSA Associations:

INSA Lyon offers a wide range of associations that Bachelor students can access to enrich their university experience. These associations cover various fields, from sports to cultural activities, and provide students with the opportunity to develop new skills, build social networks, and get involved in the community. It is worth noting that Bachelor students at INSA Lyon can also participate in associations where English is spoken. You also have the ski club where you can rent your ski and snowboard or have a package where the transport and the entrance fees to the ski resorts are included. Some of the associations are:

  • INSA Ski Club 
  • BdE INSA Lyon

This website provides more information regrading the associations:

Want to have a drink and chill with some friends? Just go to the student bar: K-fêt situated right on campus. 

The K-fêt Insa Lyon is not to be confused with a cafeteria or another university restaurant. It is a student bar where the "Insaliens" meet to rest, relax, discuss, celebrate, drink, sleep, eat, listen to music, play foosball or billiards ...

The K-Fêt is an INSA student exclusive place that you cannot miss if you are in the area.  

Thursday nights are the best !!!

There is a big association in Lyon called Erasmus istudent Lyon. They often organise a lot of events for international students studying or doing an exchange in Lyon.

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