Student Life

Campus life

INSA students have access to a vibrant campus life with 

You have the possibility to join all the clubs and societies.

Want to have a drink and chill with some friends? Just go to the student bar: K-fêt situated right on campus. You will have an opportunity to prove to your friends who has a better liver. 

There is a big association in lyon called Erasmus istudent Lyon. They often organise a lot of events for international students studying or doing an exchange in lyon.

You also have the ski club where you can rent your ski and snowboard or have a package where the transport and the entrance fees to the ski resorts are included.


The K-fêt Insa Lyon is not to be confused with a cafeteria or another university restaurant. It is indeed a student bar where the "Insaliens" meet to rest, relax, discuss, celebrate, drink, sleep, eat, listen to music, play table football or billiards ...

The K-Fêt is a must, incredible place that you cannot miss if you are in the area.


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