ECTS Credits: 5


This module builds on the initial work carried out in Flight and Space Flight 1. The taught part of the class is reinforced by experimental investigation, flight experience and flight test. The class is also intended to introduce students to the mathematical modelling tools they will require in the third year aero design class.

Topics covered include:

  • Aircraft design.

  • Airworthiness and the flight envelope.

  • Static, longitudinal stability and control of aircraft is considered.

  • The standard atmosphere – variation of temperature, pressure and density with height is explained.

    The calculation of the performance of aircraft is studied: Indicated and true airspeed. Steady level flight – minimum drag and minimum power flight speed. Steady glide and climb. Take-off and landing. Steady turning flight. Range and endurance. Flight and gust envelopes.


  • The module will teach the following:
  • Aircraft design process
  • Airworthiness
  • Longitudinal stability and control.
  • Flight performance.