ECTS Credits: 5

Objectives:The aim of the class is to introduce students to a range of experimental and laboratory related skills, appropriate to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. This will include elements of laboratory and workshop safety including risk assessment procedures. Students will develop an understanding of how to conduct experiments, record data, evaluate errors and write a technical report. 


The module will teach the following:

  1. Each student will develop skills in report writing in the appropriate style.

  2. Each student will learn about the assessment of risk and its management. Each student will submit an individual online version of this risk assessment, including a personal reflection on lab safety.

  3. Each student will attend two lab sessions to conduct experiments related to core classes in the first year Mechanical Engineering curriculum. Each lab session will be preceded by an online pre-lab giving background information to each task. Students will submit a formal lab report which will be formatted in a standard style to introduce report writing skills including error analysis and referencing.

  4. Each student will participate individually and as student group in online discussion forums.