Student Life

A vibrant city

Lyon is a very attractive city in fact it is the second most attractive city for students in France ! It is known for its beauty and food but Lyon is far more than that ! Check out some places you'll be sure to visit while living here!

First things first ! Lyon is a very particular city geographicly speaking. There are two rivers , the Rhône and the Saone which meet up at the south of Lyon called Confluence.

For some reason, those rivers give life to this beautiful city !

By the way, at the edges of these rivers you'll discover very nice places such as the Fourvière hill or L'île Barbe in the north of the city!

L'île Barbe Lyon 9eme/Saint rambert [le Routard]

Quais de Saône with Fourvière in the background [Le Routard]

Some very important things were discovered or even invented in Lyon !

Cinema was invented in lyon in 1895 By Louis and Auguste Lumière. 

Today there is a festival in their Honor called Festival Lumière and every year a Film Maker is rewarded for their films. is Martin Scorsese awarded with the Prix Lumière.


Talking about Aeronautics, the famous pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born in Lyon in 1900.

Un hommage à Antoine de Saint Exupéry rendu ce mardi à Lyon

Antoine de Saint Exupéry in his pilot outfit.


Every year, a festival of lights is organized by the city. Large light shows are displayed all over the city and many roads become pedestrian only. La Fête des Lumieres attracts visitors from everywhere to celebrate and explore the city at night.