First year internship

The first-year internship is a concrete, hands on experience in industry. Each student is given the opportunity to discover the world of manufacturing and production. 

Alumni’s hindsight about the first-year internship:

“I did my internship in Elbasan, Albania. It was a great opportunity for me to discover a country that was completely new to me. I was immersed in a metal construction company that made me realize the importance of communication and teamwork. I appreciated the fact that the programme IBMMAE offered professional experience on our first year, as I believe it gives us some insight on what branch of engineering we would like to specialize in, after the bachelor.” - Ramzi A.

“I did my internship in a cutting tools and measuring equipment provider in Mexico. Being in a foreign country, I was in a completely different cultural environment which was an experience in itself. I particularly like the fact that I got some experience in a related field which was both interesting and useful for my studies and future career.” - Anthony A.

"I did my internship in Martinique. I was involved in air traffic control management at the airport of Martinique" - Titouane R-S