ECTS credits: 5


The objective of the Mechanical Design course is twofold:

  1. learn how to read, understand technical drawings and represent mechanical systems using the standard drawing techniques including CAD software
  2. understand how mechanical systems operate; identify their strengths, weaknesses and general usage.

Mechanical Design 2 is divided into two parts comprising lectures, tutorials and student projects:

a) In the continuation of Mechanical Design 1, Part 1 is focused on system kinematics and more specifically on the technical solutions to create complete, revolute and sliding joints. A team project will be proposed on the generation of CAD joint assemblies meeting given specifications. Students will be encouraged to study the literature to find appropriate/optimal solutions

b) Part 2 deals with the analysis of functional clearances and fits in mechanical assemblies. Dimensional tolerances will be studied. The final project will be centered on the definition of clearances and tolerances in the systems proposed in the previous projects in Mechanical Design 1 and 2.

Each student will have to present orally at least one project.


            1 – Technical analysis of Mechanical Systems 1: (12 hours)

  • Complete joints
  • Revolute joints
  • Sliding joints
  • Project: create a CAD joint assembly that meets given specifications

            2 –Dimensioning and tolerancing: (52 hours)

  • Real and nominal dimensions
  • Fits in rotating shafts
  • Clearances in moving assemblies
  • Project: introduce clearances and tolerances in the previous Mechanical Design projects. Definition drafts of all the parts.