ECTS credits: 4


This course is dedicated to

  1. The analysis of phase diagrams describing the state of a material according to the temperature and composition,
  2. The description of the usual microstructures and the link with the mechanical properties of materials.

On completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Link phase diagrams to real microstructures
  • Link microstructures to mechanical properties
  • Carry out usual heat treatments on materials and measure their mechanical properties


  1. Phase diagrams
  • What is the use of phase diagrams?
  • What are the underlying theories?
  • Phase diagrams for pure metals
  • What information can be obtained from a phase diagram: an example of the Ag-Au diagram
  • The different phase diagram and the microstructure associated
  • The most widely used one: Fe-C diagram
  • Did you say “non-equilibrium” phases?
  1. How can we control the mechanical properties of a material?
  • The defects in metals
  • Movements of dislocations
  • Hardening mechanism and practical applications