The subjects - First year

  • Maths for Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials
  • Mechanics
  • Mechanical Design
  • Humanities
  • Thermodynamics

Maths for Engineering – Semester 1 and 2

The Maths for Engineering course covers 4 hours per week. It is aimed at giving students the mathematical tools needed in the different engineering subjects. It is assessed by a number of homework, small tests, as well as a mid-term and a final written exam.

ECTS Credits: 5 (per semester) 

Electrical Engineering – Semester 1

The Electrical Engineering course takes up 3 hours per week. It covers the basics of Electrical Engineering with the aim of giving the future mechanical engineers a background in electricity to cooperate efficiently with colleagues from other engineering specialties. It is assessed by homework, a final written exam, and a longer assignment under the form of a report on a subject related to electrical engineering and aeronautics.

ECTS Credits: 4

Materials – Semester 1 and 2

The schedule comprises 3 hours of Materials per week. During the two semesters will be covered various themes aimed at introducing the subject Strength of Materials taught in Second Year, such as material properties, metallurgy, and material selection. It is assessed by homework, a mid-term and a final exam. 

ECTS Credits: 5  (per semester) 

Mechanics – Semester 1 and 2

Mechanics takes up 3 hours a week. The first semester focuses on Statics, and the second semester focuses on Dynamics. This course is assessed by a number of homework and tests, a final exam, and a group project of “reversed pedagogy”, where the group will be charged with teaching a section of the course to the rest of the students.

ECTS Credits: 5  (per semester) 

Mechanical Design – Semester 1 and 2

The Mechanical Design course covers 4 hours a week. The themes covered in the year include industrial drawing, the use of a CAD software (SolidEdge). The course is assessed by a few tests and homework, as well as a number of group projects, along with their report and presentation.

ECTS Credits : 5 (per semester) 

Thermodynamics – Semester 2

The thermodynamics course takes place at the university of ECAM, located in “Vieux Lyon”. We cover the topic through 1hr lectures on Tuesday mornings followed by a 2hr session to apply our knowledge to problems with the help of the professors. This course is assessed by a mid-term and a final written exam.

ECTS Credits: 4

Humanities – Semester 1 and 2

Humanities are broken down into three 2hr classes: Languages, CSS and Options. All humanities are shared with other sections of INSA (but everything is still in English). Which Humanities you do depends on your level of French (You can have all 6hr in French, 4hr (a language in the other 2hr) or no French at all).

In languages, you have a 2hr a week (Usually on Monday mornings, but sometimes in the evenings during the week) , with a choice between: Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese. Different levels are offereed.

In CSS (Culture, Science and Society) we mostly cover cultural differences and it is assessed by class participation, presentations and essays at the end of the semester.

Options have a diverse range of topics which you can chose from and work on. (1 option lasts half a semester, total of 4 options in a year). Some examples are: Negotiating, Close Encounters and Engineering and Activism.

ECTS Credits: 6  (per semester)